Company:Clip Clop Cabs Horse Transport
Address:Punchersgrange House, Punchersgrange, Newbridge, Co Kildare, Ireland
W12 WN24
Description:Clip Clop Cabs Horse Transport We provide a professional and efficient service, transporting your horse in comfort and on time. Hay, water and travel boots provided as appropriate. Our experienced RACE certified, caring and patient drivers regard your horsesí needs as a top priority and understand how to provide for them. Situated in county Kildare, this central location is ideal to service the whole island. With overnight stabling in spacious, airy and clean boxes available in our yard, horses can break their journey when preferable. Whether attending a show and you need your horse there on time and ready to perform, bringing your new horse home to your yard or simply visiting the vet Clip Clop Cabs will get your horse there. Available for general equine transport, sales, shows, hunts, events etc. Bookings can be made by contacting us by on or or Tel: 087 6493651

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