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Clip Clop Cabs Horse Transport We provide a professional and efficient service, transporting your horse in comfort and on time. Hay, water and travel boots provided as appropriate. Our experienced RACE certified, caring and patient drivers regard your horsesí needs as a top priority and understand how to provide for them. Situated in county Kildare, this central location is ideal to service the whole island. With overnight stabling in spacious, airy and clean boxes available in our yard, horses can break their journey when preferable. Whether attending a show and you need your horse there on time and ready to perform, bringing your new horse home to your yard or simply visiting the vet Clip Clop Cabs will get your horse there. Available for general equine transport, sales, shows, hunts, events etc. Bookings can be made by contacting us by on www.facebook.com/clipclopcabs or http://clipclopcabs.ie or Tel: 087 6493651
Bring your own horse on holiday to explore the fabulous Peak District countryside. Stabling & grazing for 6 horses. 4 self-catering log cabins on a working farm. Riding across 250 acres & direct access to High Peak Trail.
Arabian Stud and livery centre set in the heart of the surrey bridle paths at the gate. No roadwork. Professional owner on site 24hrs per day. Stabling for holiday horses.
01306 730959
Stabling liveries, lesson, show jumping, horse training
01253 811777 / (+0 (791) 716-3892)
Stabling and Livery Yard, Cross Country Course
0191 5293559
Equestrian construction company. 25yrs Exp. Stabling, Fencing, Shelters, Arenas, Groundworks, Drainage,Planning & more
07789433785 / (01489690326)
Low-cost field shelters, stabling, tack rooms and hay stores carefully handmade to order, manufactured by us
0 1794 367770
Transport Horses :- England, Ireland & Europe. Excellent stabling while in transit if required. Fully licenced
01748 822803 / (0797 576712)
Family run equestrian centre, stabling for upto 100 horses
02892621139 / (07720711326) / (02892621853)
Horse transport service up to 5 horses at one time. Overnight Stabling
01922 454813 / (07044 072069)

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