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Established in 1920, Scotts of Thrapston is the country's leading supplier of timber stables.
Sectional buildings, timber stables,mobile shelters, American barns
01568 708206
Holidays for horses in the Exmoor National Park. B&B & Self catering
01598 763568
stockleigh Lodge, country house B & B, offering stabling and holidays for horses, in the centre of Exmoor National Park. Maps, guide and turnout available.
01643 831500
Excellent riding on open moorland. Farmhouse B&B. Stabling for ponies & horses.
01388 537600
Specialists in the building of stables as well as rubber matting
01904 430630
01303 862061
Family run equestrian centre, stabling for upto 100 horses
02892621139 / (07720711326) / (02892621853)
Transport Horses :- England, Ireland & Europe. Excellent stabling while in transit if required. Fully licenced
01748 822803 / (0797 576712)

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